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I am Rubi Shaikh, 5.7’’ feet, a Mumbai Escort and a top class model. I am elegant, stylish, chic and healthy to be your perfect match.I have been a model and worked with eminent modelling agency. I have trained myself as a model’s lifestyle and have number of ramp walk to my credit. I have the privilege to work and stay in Mumbai. Being brought up in this city, I have all the stylishness and etiquette needed to please elite clientele.My looks are mesmerizing and vital statistics is 34-26-34.I have silky hair which flow and touch my knees, a fair complexion and a curvy figure. I have cat eyes with captivating and sensuous physique. I am keen on workouts which helps me maintain the exemplary figure. I have a child- like skin which is soft and flawless. My dietician and gym instructor guides me regarding my diet to maintain a perfect figure. I get myself medically checked to check my physical fitness.As an Mumbai Escorts, I am accessible for outbound calls in hotels, guest houses or your second home in any parts of the happening city of Mumbai. I am honored to have follow up from my regular clients with the apt services offered. Because of my perfect figure, western wear like hot pants and trousers look amazing on me. I look glamorous in traditional sarees and traditional dresses.

I am an adaptable Mumbai Independent Escort, who can suit to be a taste full lady to take to a mixed drink gathering to a perfect dance mate at a disco or a pub. I owe a wardrobe with dresses ranging from traditional to western and night dresses that can be maddening in times of togetherness. I can dress myself as you would cherish. I apply the precise makeup and is very particular about how I behavior.I have a wardrobe full of amazing and sensuous clothes. Weather I drape in sarees or I wear western, sure to look exceptionally gorgeous. I have good dressing sense and wear attractive dresses to show up my perfect curvy body and create an impact in moments of togetherness.  I can travel with you to nightclubs and parties in Mumbai and outskirts of Mumbai .I can also be a good companion to you in your drinks. I dress and act appropriately with style and can change according to the place and precondition of the client. I have a set of designer night dresses perfectly suited to night outs.Being a high class Mumbai Independent Escorts, I have a unique style suitable in clubbing nights and would be an astonishing partner with you to be a center of attraction. We can enjoy together on all types of western music. I have no kind of drug addiction. I am immensely appealing and have an immense sensuality.


There are five point of RUBI SHEK long term lists with men in Mumbai as well. Personality, Humour, Sensitivity, Brains, Good Body. These are points of RUBI SHEK long term list with men and other else as well. Ancestral women never had such an extensive list because all they needed was a man who had enough motivation to catch food and fight off aggressors. Ancestral man did not need to be able to crack a jock to impress a woman, be able to play chess or understand her feelings. Ancestral women would have also had far less difficulty in finding a mate than women of the 21st century because cosmetics, designer bars and surgery were never an option. Our ancestor’s playing field was much more level. Now here is a twist that most women do not know: men have two mating lists; most women only have one. Whether a woman is looking at a man as a long-term or short-term mate, she uses the same criteria on her above list for evaluation. Men, however, have a long-term list and a list for short-term, casual relationship in all circumstances as well. She volunteered to crawl way up under the bow to get a can of acetone. It was a new can, close with a metal seal. While Mitch squatted wetly on the stern, waiting, she started to lift the seal with an icepick in the galley. But she lurched at the moment of truth and speared the top of the can. She still had the acetone but had wrecked the container. There was no more acetone aboard, so somehow they must find something of the content. So most of the people who are very reliable on the top class escort service in Mumbai all location as well so come to Mumbai and get the best of best Escorts Service in Mumbai so far. Now here I would like to say something regarding the men’s short term list.

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As you can see, this list is largely comprised of visual cues that cause hormone activity in the brain’s hypothalamus and amygdale, so men is short-term list is about lust. There is a 67 listed characteristics nominated by men and women as desirable in a causal mate. These included loyalty, sociability, honesty, wealth, kindness, intelligence, charm, education, generosity, responsibility and cooperativeness. He found that men rated these characteristics as dramatically less important in a causal mate as women did. Men were also significantly less concerned about negative characteristics in causal mates, such as promiscuity, alcoholism, education, bisexuality and mental abuse than women were. Conversely, men rated there things as significantly unattractive in a long-term partner. “Escorts In Mumbai For long-term mates, men were concerned about the need for commitment and physical attractiveness, while hairiness and low sex drive were deemed undesirable. Men rated a women’s need for commitment from him as highly undesirable in a causal partner, but rated it as very important in a log-term or marriage partner. Even a causal mate who was married rated higher than a single one because the married women was less likely to want a commitment from him. A man’s short-term list is he one in action in clubs, pubs, bars, the beach, gym and everywhere he goes. It is mainly a physical list because as brain scans show, men are largely visual and a women face and body are what he sees first. This short-term list is what many women respond to most of the time. Like it or not, however, it is what men look for in a one night stand or short-term relationship, not in a long-term one. The women who constantly dresses like in a cheap tart or a hooker is responding to this list. Miniskirts, low-cut blouses, heavy makeup and raunchy behavior are all responses to a man are short-term list. This is why women who present themselves this way spend a lot of time in short-term relationships with men. To attract men for a long-term relationship, a women needs to study his long-term list and to dress and behave according to it, while at the same time knowing when to act his short-term list to keep his immediate attention so far.


All wars are started by men, and warfare has only one goal-capturing the other guy’s resources. Resources come in two clear forms: tangibles, like land, oil and cities; and reproductive resources, meaning women. Throughout history, warring men would raid the next guy’s territory, steal his property, kill him and his sons, and rape of kidnap the women. Women were really killed, because they presented the perfect opportunity for the conquerors to pass on their genes. Modern men’s urge to gather and control resources evolved because of women preference for men who controlled them. Men are regularly criticized by women for putting more time and interest into their work than they do their families. Women complain that men are more concerned with knocking other men out of the game and chasing bottom-line results than spending time at home with their families, but if women did not have inbuilt preference for men who can do these things, modern men would never have the desire to gather resources. Men do it because they know women want it. So ancestral women would have closely examined the attributes of a potential long-term partner because a poor choice could lead to starvation, abused or abandonment, and consequently, these are the same base criteria by which 21st – century women make their choices, today’s women still do not want to be abused, abandoned or treated badly. “Call Girls In Mumbai” this does not necessarily mean that all women are motivated by the money a man has, but they are certainly first motivated to choose men who display qualities that will lead to resources in the long-term, such as intelligence, status and ambition. It does not mean a woman will always end up with a man who possesses these qualities; it means she definitely prefers him. If a man has no resources or lacks ambition, then overall women are not interested in him unless they believe he has the capacity to gather resources.


Women everywhere rate a man is good health as very high to critical on their list of desirable male qualities. This is for two reasons: first, if he is poor health, he may die early or become incapable and this cuts off her resources; second, he may transmit the disease to her or her children through physical contact or through genes. A man is good health carries the promise of potentially healthy offspring and the long-term provision of resources. Women generally rate signs of bad health as anything from poor physical condition and open wounds to bad breath and inadequate grooming habits. “Mumbai Independent Escort Service” can be observed by good physical condition, clear skin and high energy levels, which are indicated by fast walking and movement and a lively attitude (also characteristics of higher-status individuals). Laid-back, slow-moving males are perceived as likely to live longer but are also considered to lack motivation and ambition, and are therefore poor prospects for long-term resources value. So if you are a man, go straight to the gym to work out before you cook dinner for a woman and take her dancing. So here is one question why no woman wants a loser, so the studies says everywhere reveal that men who lack ambition are seen by women as very undesirable, and women will end a relationship with a man who becomes lazy, loses his job or lacks ambition. This is why a man who works hard and has career goals in more desirable to most women. Conversely, the same attributes in a woman are generally irrelevant to the majority of men because, as we will discuss in the next chapter, men see the opposite sex primarily as a healthy container for their genes. To some women, this can make men sound cold and callous, but understanding its significance gives women an enormous edge when it comes to dealing with them in the game of love as well Mumbai Escorts | Call Girls In Mumbai